I help you to make Millions… in GTA Online, though ;-)

It turned out some people still search for information on the web, and I let you down, when it comes to my first product, Grinders Gear GTA.
If you play Rockstars Grand Theft Auto Online, you know that you can aquire ingame businesses. And it is the best way to earn ingame currency. Just by doing normal missions, you’d probably never own that Yacht, or that competitive race car.

or a submarine. Or a race car that is a submarine? That can shoot rockets?

But when you start going the route that makes you rich you quickly realize that Rockstar has placed some obstacles. That is not to spite us, it makes the game more immersive and ultimately fun, because otherwise you’d only watch statistics grow. But if you want to optimize the time you spend in the game you probably don’t want to waste time with all that obstacles, if only to be free to enjoy more of the many other things you like in the game.
And that is where Grinders Gear GTA comes into play. Literally 😉

Time is money

With the app you can track the progress of your businesses, always be informed when it is time to fill up resources or deliver product. Even if you are currently helping out a friend. That makes it a lot easier to know when to switch groups.

Yes, it is not for kids, why do you ask?

Another way of optimizing profit is to keep track of the timeouts the game gives you. A headhunter mission takes little time to accomplish, nets you from a fifth to fourth of 100k GTA$, but you have to wait for 20 minutes after you finish it to be allowed to do it again.

For this reason you can create and use timers that just show you if a timeout has passed in modes that are recognized. The timer will not go down if you do contact missions for example (switch of „in Lobby“ at the top when you do)

And how do you use it the most effectively?

Even without referencing the app, youtuber „The Professional“ has a series of excellent tutorials on how to optimize the business side of your game. In fact, the idea from Grinders Gear was heavily influenced by him stating „Set a timer“ in certain situations. You can watch it here:

He stopped after he made a Billion GTA$

One last thing

The best way to enjoy making money is GTA Online is to do it with others. With or without Grinders Gear, join us Grinders on the Discord to find your partners in crime.

Let there be Discord

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